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Anúncio foi feito pela chancelaria por Pequim após a imprensa dos EUA confirmar a vitória do moderno presidente no Estado, a primeira por um democrata a partir de 1996

The rising Biden tally and his popular vote lead – nearly seis million votes – has been overshadowed by Trump escalating his false insistence that he actually won the 3 November election and his campaign and supporters now intensifying efforts to stop or delay results being certified by state officials.

The four-person split-party panel who certifies presidential elections in Michigan voted Monday afternoon 3-1 to confirm Joe Biden's popular vote win in the swing state.

The states own the ballots and legal notices would need to be served by DoJ and acknowledged by each state with their cooperation. There is nothing in the corners of alt media to support this story. This story is major HOPIUM.

Spike4187 I so hope this article is true. I mean, I am an average Joe. I knew the Demoncraps would use massive voter fraud to steal this election. There was pelo way Biden could win without voter fraud. The baby butchers have been stealing Senatorial seats and Congressional House seats for years by voter fraud and outright last minute lies to sway a few voters away to win. Hence false rape charges ,etc. Now if myself and my buddies knew jair bolsonaro está com coronavírus this, of course Trump and his people knew this and one would hope he would put something in place to catch the baby butchers in the act.

O BR do Mar quer abrir o Nicho de cabotagem pelo país para explorar o grande potencial da costa e do rios do País do futebol. E é importante para toda a logística.

“The victory was a vindication of a style of American politics that many feared was gone forever.”

Quantum computers are still in the experimental stage, and you surely don’t need one to verify watermarks. Also blockchain is a technology that is in now way required (or useful) to verify ballots.

Rudy Giuliani revealed bolsonaro jair bolsonaro pesquisa Monday he 'exaggerated' when he said there were more votes cast in Detroit than there are citizens - even though Trump used that exact claim to overturn the bolsonaro jair twitter election.

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Former senator, presidential nominee and Secretary of State John Kerry is set to begin his latest government job as the first-ever special envoy on climate.

Donald Trump and his family could take a salary out of donations for court battles, small print on emails sent by new fundraising arm reveals

Saiba quem é Janet Yellen, a escolha de Biden para este Tesouro americano A ex-presidente do banco central dos Estados Unidos será uma das poucas vizinhos a terem ocupado os três principais cargos do governo na área econômica

Quaisquer dicionários antigos, através insignificância dessa palavra devido ao pouco uso no passado, deixaram esse erro infame passar despercebido e Este momento servem do justificativa para corroborar o atual uso desse neologismo criminoso de modo a usando a língua.

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