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Edward Norton accuses Donald Trump of trying to 'cut a Nixon-style deal' using his refusal to concede the election as leverage, and urges Americans to 'call his bluff' 

14west1 I looked it up and watched it. He clearly said he didn’t know anything about the shenanigans going on. It ws a good interview, but didn’t shed any light on the water mark thing.

Joe Biden passes 80 million Perfeito votes as Donald Trump claims he has a 'big lawsuit' which will prove 'ballot fraud and more' despite consistent court defeats

An initial test showed that according to water marks on validated ballots fed into the Quantum Computer, Trump won re-election by over 80% of the legal ballot cast.

Fox News Tucker Carslon tears into Sidney Powell and says Trump's other lawyers haven't seen a 'single piece' of her voter fraud evidence after she called him 'insulting, demanding and rude'

You can take a look at additional reporting from independent fact-checkers who investigate reports of false information across Facebook.

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Em 17 por abril por 2016, Jair Bolsonaro parabenizou o deputado Eduardo Cunha através forma tais como conduziu este impeachment por Dilma Rousseff e usou seu discurso por voto Derivado do este impedimento para homenagear Carlos Alberto Brilhante Ustra,[25] o primeiro militar a ser reconhecido através Justiça como um dos torturadores em a ditadura militar.

Depois da Pensilvânia, Estado do Nevada certifica vitória eleitoral do Biden jair bolsonaro está com coronavírus Equipe do presidente Donald Trump inicialmente questionou a legitimidade dos efeitos, afirmando que 1 Enorme número por vizinhos que nãeste residiam no Estado havia votado, levando a jair bolsonaro hoje questãeste ao tribunal

Democrats have only grown louder with their criticism as the transition continues to stall, although the White House last week rejected any claims that it was slowing the GSA’s efforts.

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There is also a $400bn pledge to use federal dollars to buy American goods, alongside a wider commitment to enforce "Buy American" laws for new bolsonaro jair bolsonaro transport projects.

President Trump on Saturday skipped a side-conference at the virtual G20 summit to play golf Sterling, Virginia, as he continued to decry voter fraud and has refused to concede

The Admin are intentionally keeping a lot of this on the less detailed rather than more detailed side.

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